A Sustainable Future

Because a brand must resemble those who create it (this is you and us), we wanted RAF/AL eyewear to be bold, free, and above all, committed. Because one purpose of life might be happiness, but the ultimate one is usefulness.


1. Increase adoption of 100% biodegradable materials. 

70% of our frames are made of 100% biodegradable acetate (M49 bioplastic), the other 30% is made of cellulose acetate of high quality. 

As opposed to plastic, cellulose acetate is a modified natural polymer. 

Our provider selects renewable sources (such as certain varieties of trees and cotton linters). From these sources the purest part of the cellulose is extracted and transformed into Cellulose Acetate powder. This powder is then intimately mixed with substances aimed at giving the desired workability, flexibility and toughness: the so-called plasticizers. 

At this point, RAF/AL eyewear goes the extra-mile: we have replaced the plasticizer by a proprietary plasticizing solution of vegetable origin. As a result, unlike usual acetates, ours is fully biodegradable. 

And we don’t intend to stop there. We will keep researching and working hard on increasing this percentage, including using sustainable packages. This is our promise for 2021. 


2. Recycling program.

In order to help reduce the pollution caused by waste, our recycling program consists in offering a 20% discount voucher to the clients who send us their old RAF/AL frames back. The acetate will then be donated for recycling. 


3. Contribution to PlasticOceans.org for a cleaner Ocean. 

We commit to donate a part of our benefits to the association Plastic Oceans (www.plasticoceans.org).


Right now, it’s not about being flawless, but about giving the best contribution we can, and raise awareness.

More than a necessity, sustainability has become vital for the next generations and leaving our children with a cleaner earth is what drives us.